Ends on September 1, 2018

We read poetry of any form and content, but please familiarize yourself with our aesthetic first, either by reading an issue of the journal or at least by looking at the sample work on our web site. Submitting poetry that is clearly not our style simply wastes your time and ours.

Please submit ONE FILE containing all of the poems you are submitting:

    •    If your poems rely on specific formatting on the page, sending a PDF is the surest way to preserve that formatting for us to see.  Note that Constellations is printed on pages that are 6 inches wide, so long poem lines may be wrapped.

    •    The first page of your file should be a simple cover letter which includes a postal mailing address, so that we know where to send your contributor's copy should your work be accepted.

    •    Please also include a short bio—no more than 125 words, and please don't list more than three journals and three books as previous work.  Choose the publications that tell people the most about you.  The bio should be third-person and list your name exactly as you'd like it to appear in print.

    •    Please note that our theme for issue #8 is VULNERABILITY, though we are also considering work that does not address that theme.